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#45 LyraDragon 17:44:40 19/07/2008
ok. got it
#44 Blaine 10:53:43 19/07/2008
So You See, It's Not Blood, It Merely The Tip Of tHE cREATURES hORNS
#43 DARK CINDER 22:08:30 18/07/2008
also if it ewas blood well i dobt it woul;d be 3+
#42 Blaine 18:24:51 18/07/2008
f It WAS Blood It'd Be Dripping
#41 Blaine 14:50:40 18/07/2008
Here We Go Again...

It's Not Blood, It's Merely A Part Of The Creatures Horn.

If It Was, No One Would Buy A Spyro Game
#40 LyraDragon 12:58:00 18/07/2008
is that red stuff on the horn of that animal on screen 12 blood?
#39 Blaine 17:16:21 16/07/2008
He Is Alban From Dark Hollow END OF STORY!!!
#38 Blaine 09:54:21 16/07/2008
Yeah If That's Suppose To Be Elder Spyro, I Must Be A Monkey!!!
Oo AA oO Aa

He Hasnt' Aged Yet!!!
#37 SD-King 00:30:06 16/07/2008
Look!I'm just not gonna post here any more because of peaple arguing about this.I RECKON IT'S ELDER SPYRO!
#36 Blaine 20:37:59 15/07/2008
He May bE sPYRO'S dAD bECAUSE tHIS iS bEYOND The Purple DRaGON pROPHECY From LoS Or May Not Due To Him Being Alban From Dark Hollow!
#35 Blaine 20:36:09 15/07/2008
The Big Purple Dragon May Or May Not Be Spyro's Dad!!!
#34 SD-King 07:58:52 15/07/2008
Um............I have no idea what you just said.
#33 JaydaTheFox 16:13:24 10/07/2008
Everyone's saying how that purple dragon can't be Spyro's dad because a purple dragon is born once every ten generations. If you think about it, it IS possible, because the oldest dragon in TLoS (The Chronicler) is over 1000 years old.

Anyways, in the old games, it didn't really matter if you were purple or not because it seems that every dragon breathes fire. And the new Sierra games aren't even basing half of the plot on the Insomniac games anyway. So this purple dragon could've been Spyro's dad in the old games, but possibly not in the new games.
#32 LyraDragon 12:23:28 04/07/2008
how did u ask Insomatic games?????? smilie
#31 AntauriWolf 03:33:59 04/07/2008
It's Spyros' father, I know for sure.
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