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RELEASED: NA: 10/09/98
EU: 23/10/98
JP: 1/04/99
CONSOLE: Sony PlayStation DEVELOPER: Insomniac Games

Spyro the Dragon, the first of a trilogy of Spyro games on the original PlayStation. In this huge 3D platformer, you get to traipse around the Dragon Worlds in order to defeat the evil enemy, Gnasty Gnorc. You play as a young, fiery, purple dragon with the ability to charge, jump, glide, roll and breathe fire.

Overall the graphics of the game still stand up well and aren't impossible to use nowadays such as some other games from Spyro's time. The game can be really simple in places, but almost impossible in others, giving a nice variety of challenges throughout.

The Story

Here's the official word on the story from the spyrothedragon.com website:

As often is the case in Fairytales, the story of Spyro the Dragon really begins with an evil deed. It all started with a putrid green slimeball named Gnasty Gnorc who caused so much trouble in the Dragon Realms that he was banished to the Dragon Junkyard, a very unpleasant place - worse than death for any dragon. But it seemed to suit Gnasty just fine. In fact, as soon as he got there, he renamed it Gnasty's World. Gnasty always resented the Dragon communities and their pleasant and peaceful ways. More than anything though, he detested their beautiful, shiny jewels, which are not only nice to look at, but are a constant reminder of his own flaws. Gnasty wanted to show those arrogant and pretentious dragons what he was made of.

Soon, Gnasty began playing with spells as a way to cut through the boredom, and quickly found two spells that tickled his fancy. He discovered a giant spell that could trap all the Dragons in crystal, and a potion to animate those radiant gems and turn them into Gnorc soldiers. After a bit of practice, he unleashed the spells like a giant tub of gnorc-slime on the unsuspecting inhabitants of the Dragon Realms. They worked all too well...

And here's what the game manual says:

IN THE BEGINNING, the five Dragon families lived in their five Dragon Worlds in harmony. Their lives were happy and peaceful... until the day a Gnorc broke the rules! Gnasty Gnorc was an unpleasant creature from the bottoms of his dirty boots to the top of his unwashed head. He wasn't pretty, and his personality combined the short temper of a gnome and the bad attitude of an orc! Gnasty resented the happy Dragon families. More than anything, he detested their beautiful, shiny jewels, which were not only nice to look at, but showed him refelections of his own ugly face every time time he did so. Gnasty became such a problem that he was banished to the Dragon junkyard. This was a world the Dragons weren't fond of, though it suited Gnasty just fine. He renamed it Gnasty's World as soon as he got there. Gnasty began fooling around with magic spells. After a while, he hit on the two he wanted: a giant spell to trap all the Dragons in crystal, and a potion to animate those radiant gems and turn them into Gnorc soldiers.

On a nice sunny day, Gnasty cast the freeze spell, trapping the dragons in crystal, and turned all the gems he could find into his willing minions. He even began turning the Dragon Worlds into Gnorc Worlds! But the one little detail he didn't count on was Spyro the Dragon - Spyro's so small that the spell shot straight over his head!

Now Spyro, the only unfrozen Dragon, must travel the six worlds - including Gnasty's industrial world - releasing all the Dragons and collecting their stolen treasure. In the meantime, Gnasty's minions are doing their best to stop him. Not that Spyro is without friends... the Dragons he releases give him hints, and all along the way, he is accompanied by Sparx the Dragonfly, his best friend.

What seems like a fun time flaming Gnorcs soon turns into the adventure of Spyro's young life. When he meets Gnasty Gnorc for the final conflict, his destiny can truely be fulfilled!


And here's what you hear and see in the first cutscene of the game:
Director: OK, rolling.
Dragon 1: Oh, it's been peaceful here in the five worlds, or is it six, for a dragons age. We now have twelve thousand treasure, or is it fourteen thousand?
Interviewer: What about this Gnasty Gnorc character? Now, I understand he's found a magic spell to turn gems into warriors for his cause.
Dragon 2: I'll take that question. Gnasty Gnorc is a simple creature.
Gnasty Gnorc: Simple!?
Dragon 2: He has been contained in a remote world, and is no threat to the dragon kingdom...
Gnasty Gnorc: No threat!?
Dragon 2: Besides he is ugly.
Gnasty Gnorc: Ugly!? That does it!
*Gnasty casts a spell freezing all the dragons*
Spyro: Looks like I've some things to do.

The screen fades from black and you see yourself, Spyro, standing in front of a large green, crystallized dragon. Skip on to the walkthrough if you already know the rest of the basics, or really couldn't care less and just want to get on with the game.

The Controls

All controls are the same whatever level you are in, and here they all are:

XJump. Press again when in the air to glide.
TriangleLook around in front of you/Stop glide (when gliding)
R1/L1Roll Right/Left
R1/L1Perform loop-the-loop in flight levels
R2/L2Spin camera right/left
STARTAccess the pause menu
SELECTGo straight to the Inventory screen of the pause menu
D-Pad/Left Analog StickMove around

Gem ColourGem Value

Gameplay Basics

Here are a few things that you should know before playing this game:

  • The game is set in a vivid 3D world inhabited by Gnorcs.
  • Your goals, apart from killing Gnasty Gnorc, are; to free all 80 dragons that were crystallized, to collect all the gems in the world, and to rescue all 12 dragon eggs stolen by thieves.
  • Gems are found in several places, inside Gnorcs, inside flamable chests, inside smashable chests, on the ground and as prizes for flight levels.
  • Once you have killed a Gnorc and collected its gem, when you next enter the level, the Gnorc will return but where you found a gem before, you will receive a silvery orb type thing. Collect 40 of these and you will gain an extra life. You may also sometimes find a life straight off, these look like a small, silvery Dragon statue.
  • The dragonfly following you around shows you how many hits you can take before you die. Yellow is full health (four hits from death), blue is three hits left, green is two, and he will dissapear when you only have one hit left before you die. To regenerate your life, simply kill a sheep or random non-aggressive animal where you are, they will release a butterfly which Sparx, the dragonfly, will then proceed to eat if he has less than yellow health. And when he does so, he will move up a colour and you'll have an extra hit left.

Now it's time to get started with the game:
The Artisans

#12 night bomb guy 16:26:52 07/01/2014
Best... Walkthrough... EVER! Possibly better than the one that was in Gamefaqs.
#11 SigmundSeal 18:08:59 13/07/2013
I'm gonna use this walkthrough for my second file.
#10 cynder fan47 21:21:44 31/12/2012
L cynder me too!
#9 L Cynder 11:39:43 01/07/2012
I loved the intro of the game and I love the game itself. ^__^
#8 danniesen 13:57:58 05/06/2009
I like this Spyro game.
#7 SD-King 03:07:11 24/06/2008
sometimes it stops
#6 spyrorules5000 22:53:54 19/06/2008
In some levels if you stay in there too long the main song in that level changes.
#5 Samuel 00:30:12 14/06/2008
The first cutscene is random, But oh well, It was their first Spyro game so I won't moan at it too much.
#4 SilverDragon 18:58:32 08/09/2007
Game's first cutscene is so funny smilie
#3 Spyro Fan 20:01:11 04/07/2007
your walkthrough is very good! i recommend it to all of my m8s!
#2 J Dixon 08:14:42 31/01/2007
Yea. I Like It
#1 Lover of Spyro 13:04:42 02/01/2007
cool walkthrough!

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