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Here are some screenshots and images of the game.

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#92 skylandersbros 04:36:15 15/12/2013
Image 34 smilie says "r-EYES my minions!"
#91 Swap Force Fan 01:12:30 16/10/2013
I loved looking at these pictures one year ago...but now I have all of these, so...
#90 Wild 08:11:54 21/06/2013
Please do not use the game pages as chatrooms.

As says on top of the comment box, "All off-topic comments will be deleted. Please do not use the comments system for conversations, instead use the provided forums for the game", if you need help with navigating the forum or using any features, feel free to post in Site Help and Suggestions.

Your usage of the game pages as chatrooms may mean the removal of game page comments. It's become an annoyance to some others, while not really myself, and it pushes back more fitting comments for the pages (such as reviews, general comments towards the games that don't necessarily need its own thread or post on the forums).
#89 skylandersbros 23:07:35 19/06/2013
Image 2 smilie is sucking in the goliath drow. Image 9 the spell punk is laughing at the drow getting hurt. Image 15 smilie is in command of the Cyclopes and giving them orders. Image 20 why is smilie pulling back an unloaded sling shot. Image 26 the Cyclopes has a telescope. Image 34 one eye is looking at you.
#88 skylandersbros 16:39:30 13/04/2013
smilie images!
#87 SuperSpyro700 17:00:54 18/02/2013
@skylandersbros I agree.
#86 mega spyro 15:17:52 14/02/2013
My smilie is down the ancor path but when I put him on it is the kind in both his pictures, but when he is in the game its the other one
#85 skylandersbros 20:36:08 27/01/2013
smilie 's ancor looks heavy
#84 mega spyro 19:34:41 29/12/2012
fine that is what smilie 745 said and I aggreed with him
#83 flashwing33 15:17:03 27/12/2012
hehe flashwing rules
#82 warnado745 21:47:05 23/12/2012
@megaspyro actully i said that
#81 ashleigh 04:22:11 02/12/2012
@SuperSpyro700 yes really if you have played doom he looks like the cyberdemon from doom 1 and 2
#80 SuperSpyro700 02:37:21 02/12/2012
@Ashleigh Really?
#79 ashleigh 04:12:28 26/11/2012
for some reason hot head remind me of something out of doom the way he looks I don't know it's just me
#78 Skylander Man 18:39:37 25/11/2012
Who, what, when, where, how?
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All off-topic comments will be deleted. Please do not use the comments system for conversations, instead use the provided forums for the game.

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