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3:30 PM - Monday the 6th of June, 2011 - by dark52
Some thought it would never happen, others were more positive, others yet didn't even care in the slightest, but darkSpyro has finally turned the ripe old age of seven.

Although the previous couple of years have been a bit quiet, with Skylanders on the horizon hopefully this one will be just a little bit more eventful.
#1 gaul2 16:39:11 06/06/2011
Awesome,7 years of darkspyro!
#2 Razz 16:57:44 06/06/2011
Wow, 7! Congrats on keeping the best Spyro forum and resource site alive so long, dark52! Here's to another 7! smilie
#3 Brazilian Spyro 17:01:50 06/06/2011
I thank you, dark52, for your efforts on this site so far, even with the quiet previous years and the spammers. I thank you for being the only source of hot Spyro news on the web.
#4 Spyrobaby 17:30:48 06/06/2011
7 years?! D: Wow.
#5 wanderist 17:42:51 06/06/2011
I knew it was this month, I just forgot that it was today. Anyway, can't believe another year has gone by already. Good job, dark!
#6 LordRattler 20:46:34 06/06/2011

.....I need to stop pouring the alchohol in my avvie...

But anyways, to another year of darkspyro staying on the internet!
#7 Forgotten World 21:06:03 06/06/2011
Yeah, this site has had some ups and downs, but it has lasted long enough to celebrate.
#8 dragmundis 23:26:17 06/06/2011
Sure has been a long time since I've joined this site. I made some good friends. smilie
#9 HIR 01:08:35 07/06/2011
Wish I brought a cake. <.<;
#10 CAV 03:41:16 07/06/2011
I didn't realize that darkSpyro and my father shared the same birthday.
#11 semp123 03:11:31 14/06/2011
Seven years.
Pretty good standing, I must say.
#12 cyndego 07:05:44 14/06/2011
7 years and 4000 members ...... nice work dark 52 !
#13 spyrogems 15:33:28 14/06/2011
well done happy 7 years
#14 JeremyTheDragon 21:56:15 09/07/2011
Happy 7th anniversary (despite I didn't joined til today).
#15 zoethedragon 21:03:27 16/07/2011
wow! dark spyro has been here seven years!? wow! congrats! smilie spyro forever!
#16 rockinspyrofan 08:45:21 13/08/2011
See this proves that spyro will never diesmilie
#17 TheFlyingSeal 20:25:48 23/08/2011
I just noticed that Darkspyro has the same birthday as Max Casella (one of my fav actors from childhood)'s a small world.
#18 SpyroFanatic101 07:28:53 27/08/2011
What an achievement! Congrats! Oi, its kinda funny how this site is lasting longer then spyro is. There will always be hope though, as long as there is fans like us. Who know so many years down the road an independent company might revive the series
#19 Thundergold 23:23:02 08/11/2011
wow! thats like 2555 days!
#20 spyrocynderfan7 14:39:46 18/11/2011
7 years and over 5000 members later...
#21 Thundergold 16:52:49 26/11/2011
or like 220,752,000 seconds! smilie
#22 Voltara 02:31:14 10/08/2012
I may be a new member but i love the site and way to go dark!

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