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11:59 PM - Wednesday the 31st of March, 2010 - by dark52
Update: April Fools! Ha hah! Can't believe you all fell for it! Now back to Spyro and a complete lack of news on anything to do with the franchise.

Just a heads up, the Pokéwalker Route Yellow Forest will go up today on the Nintendo WFC so access the Mystery Gift from the main menu of HeartGold or SoulSilver and you will be able to claim your new route.

Yellow Forest is a special route entirely filled with Pikachus, the main draw being those rare ones at the high end of the step count (10,000+ and even then still rare) which have Fly or Surf.

[User Posted Image]

Quote: Nintendo
Download a new Route for your Pokéwalker! The aptly named Yellow Forest is a Pokéwalker Route that is full of Pikachu! While you're exploring the Yellow Forest, you might even come across Pikachu that have special moves. The only way you can get the Yellow Forest Route is via a special distribution!

The route will only be available for download until the 5th of May so don't forget!
#1 Dark_Spyro999 00:04:00 01/04/2010
Ba ha ha! Pikachu!
#2 CynderGirl13 00:08:30 01/04/2010
why is this pokemon?
#3 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 00:09:57 01/04/2010
Because this is a Pokémon fansite?
#4 spyro fan 8 00:10:05 01/04/2010
Sweet. I'mma go get that now.
#5 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 00:10:26 01/04/2010
Later today, it's not up yet.
#6 CynderGirl13 00:10:52 01/04/2010
OK?now im concerned in a number of levels,i really though this was a spyro site...
#7 Wild 00:18:22 01/04/2010
Hello there Pikachu the Admin.
#8 BlinktheCookie 00:19:12 01/04/2010
This is obviously an April fool's joke.
#9 CynderGirl13 00:21:28 01/04/2010
well ya!!!
#10 Peacelovespyro 00:34:31 01/04/2010
D8 I can't get my Wi-Fi to work to get it...I'll just have my friend catch two on hers, and trade her one of my pokemon...
#11 Carmelita Fox 00:56:27 01/04/2010
So cool!If only I had WFC. D8
#12 Cloudtail4ever 01:13:48 01/04/2010
Thanks for the heads up, dark! I'll be sure to take my Spiky Eared Pichu along with me on this route!
#13 Shrazer320 03:10:50 01/04/2010
Not exactly your best, dark.
#14 Cloudtail4ever 04:33:19 01/04/2010
Quote: Shrazer320
Not exactly your best, dark.

Is in my opinion.
#15 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 08:14:27 01/04/2010
It is available now. Go nuts for Pikachu!
#16 spyro fan 8 10:42:36 01/04/2010
Quote: dark52
Later today, it's not up yet.

Yeah, I saw. Lol.

Edit: YAAAAY, Pikachu..
#17 Robo-Spyro 15:52:52 01/04/2010
I'm not too much of a fan though.
#18 gaul2 15:54:29 01/04/2010
Great April fools joke.
#19 Robo-Spyro 15:57:51 01/04/2010
Oh! I remember now! Thanks for reminding me.
#20 gaul2 15:57:53 01/04/2010
Quote: BlinktheCookie
This is obviously an April fool's joke.

duh smilie

post too short
#21 Robo-Spyro 16:05:27 01/04/2010
Last time he made us all fake Hunters!
#22 Malefor0001 19:02:36 01/04/2010
Quote: Robo-Spyro
I'm not too much of a fan though.

You and me both buddy.
#23 Blackholes_Wolf 20:00:33 01/04/2010
#24 spyro77 20:41:47 01/04/2010
i really thought u changed but i for got it APRIL FOOLS DAY! i was gonna get really mad

good joke dark52
#25 Light dragon 21:07:26 01/04/2010
I have it just gotta catch a flying pikatchu now. I like what youve done with the site Pokemon rules smilie
#26 RenanSpyro 21:18:05 01/04/2010
Good one (even though I dislike Pokémon)!

I haven't posted in ages, but I love April Fools Day and couldn't resist. smilie
#27 Dark Cynder_27 21:46:35 01/04/2010
Now I really want SoulSilver (not really a big fan on Ho-oh) Pika!smilie
#28 gaul2 22:20:30 01/04/2010
Ok now im really concerned :sigh:
#29 Shrazer320 03:26:32 02/04/2010
Wait, there were people who fell for this?
#30 Adria 03:38:58 02/04/2010
Yep, stuff and nonsense holds the topics.
#31 Malefor0001 07:16:18 02/04/2010
d52, you had me worried. I really hate Pokemon so I got scared.
#32 spyro fan 8 10:18:18 02/04/2010
"Can't belive you all fell for it!"

Not ALL the members are 8, Dark. This is the same as that Crash Bandicoot year except with Pokemon instead.
#33 Robo-Spyro 15:28:27 02/04/2010
What could be next? dark...HOLES_WOLF????!
#34 Mia the dragon 14:07:58 04/04/2010
I fell 4 it smilie
#35 ShayminSky 21:58:30 04/04/2010
I went WTH then I just knew it was a Joke. The forums were normal though.
#36 Goldenfire 19:55:26 05/04/2010
Quote: Dark Cynder_27
Now I really want SoulSilver (not really a big fan on Ho-oh) Pika!smilie

I've got it best game made yet. maybe we should start a forum or something.
#37 Goldenfire 19:58:19 05/04/2010
um never mind
#38 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 16:42:35 05/05/2010

It finishes today.


And apparently another one, Winner's Path, gets released tomorrow.
#39 GamingMaster_76 06:52:26 06/05/2010
Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yellow Forest is over. smilie
#40 Bolt - Hunter 07:20:19 12/05/2010
Yeah, I don't umm....
#41 no wings5 15:36:02 06/07/2010
hahahaha- wait, i dont get it.
#42 AvatariDragon 03:01:19 25/04/2011
Yay Pikachu!! <3
#43 GamingMaster_76 03:54:56 25/04/2011
Mystery Egg should be coming up soon.
#44 Spyro-Gamer - Hunter 07:02:46 25/04/2011
The Yellow Forest picture looks epic. Cos it's Pikachu everywhere! smilie
#45 jennacat4 02:20:43 02/01/2013
*Rolls* yay

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