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1:30 AM - Saturday the 1st of April, 2006 - by dark52
This was an April Fools by the way...

It's been a long two years but I'm afraid this is the end for darkSpyro. I just can't see Spyro going anywhere, and that's why I welcome you to my brand new replacement website darkCrash. Without the four legged limitations of a dragon, this orange marsupial has a lot of room left to grow and improve. Whilst the sections are barebones at the moment that's something I'll be working on over the next few weeks.

Sorry for any inconvenience if you were expecting a Spyro the Dragon fansite, and hopefully there won't be any residual problems left over from the Spyro days, which I hope we can all now just forget as Crash is the only one with a real future.
#1 Umbra 21:56:40 01/04/2006
I respect your decision. One question bothers me though: are there more Crash fans then Spyro? I noticed how low the number of visitors was when Spyro was the topic, but will there be more when this turns into a Crash site? Also, will you keep the same features but edit them? (e.g. keep the "gems" system but change it to "Wumpa Fruit")

Another thing, I noticed this topic was created on April Fools Day. I'm not coming to a conclusion, but it seems rather suspicious.

EDIT: Don't want to be mean, but can you do something about ah2190's spam posts? If you check the last posts for almost every single board category, you'll find his name. Also, all his posts consist of 2-3 words that are completely irrelevant to the subject, and have terrible, obvious grammar and spelling mistakes.
#2 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 23:24:11 01/04/2006
Ah yes, April Fools it is, and so it is it be. Suspicions fail to fail.

Despite this being an April Fool's joke for now, I do intend to eventually make darkCrash a proper website in due time but I decided that as I didn't have anything else to do I might as well do this today.

Whilst there can always be an improvement to visitor numbers, I have no idea as to whether I'd get more hits being a Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon themed website.

And I'll take a look at the spam for sure.
#3 Fodder 23:26:47 01/04/2006
Oh so darkspyro will be back.

I thought you suddenly hated Spyro, and you had such a great site too! You do like Spyro, don't you?

I think you should have two sites, one for Spyro and one for Crash, never get rid of Spyro, I like your site a lot!

Glad to see it was a joke!
#4 Aeravys 23:37:22 01/04/2006
Heh, I wasn't fooled for a minute! smilie That's cool that there will be a Crash site in the future though. That was a good prank
#5 Umbra 01:31:55 02/04/2006
I believe Crash is more popular, but still isn't enough to attract many active visitors. I still think my opinion is clear and accurate--the Spyro series is mostly played by younger children, thus not many fans on the internet. As you should know, not many children surf the internet, nonetheless post on internet forums.
#6 Ross 09:13:59 02/04/2006
I knew it was still Spyro, since the Spyro walkthroughs were still there PLUS it obviously wouldn't be serious if it startead on April Fools Day! Ha Ha! smilie
#7 Umbra 23:59:26 02/04/2006
Also, all of the Crash game links lead to Spyro games.
#8 Ross 08:35:09 04/04/2006
That's what I ment with the walkthroughs...
#9 Fodder 16:53:49 13/04/2006
I hope you do keep this site since I like Spyro and very much. Even though I find it really sad that hardly anyone plays Spyro games anymore even though the games rocked.
And I also like Crash to so, a Crash website would be a good idia!

Btw, I found this website on wikipedia.
#10 Unbirthday Spyro 11:41:22 17/04/2006
Nothing Wrong With Leaving darkSpyro To darkCrash. I Like Crash And Spyro The Same Way. It's Okay, You Can Do It!!!
#11 Unbirthday Spyro 11:43:54 17/04/2006
Wait!!! You're Replacing??!! No!!! Make A Second Website!!!!!! P.S. How Long Did It Take You To Make darkSpyro?
#12 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 13:21:27 17/04/2006
Ugh, can you not read? I'm getting very tired of you.
#13 Unbirthday Spyro 11:47:20 19/04/2006
Well... You're Very Annoying!! Besides, Maybe You Should Look On The Bright Side. That Joke Is Not Funny!! WE FOUGHT YOU MEANT IT!!!! YOU ARE THE VERY ANNOYINGEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!!!! It's Like I'm Luigi And You're Bowser!
#14 Unbirthday Spyro 11:48:11 19/04/2006
(And I Meant Loook By Look. Sorry, I Was Typing Too Fast)
#15 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 18:21:40 19/04/2006
We fought you meant it!!!!

Good good. Bye now.

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