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2:43 PM - Sunday the 30th of October, 2016 - by dark52
The figure for Legendary Pit Boss has been spotted on the Canadian Toys R Us website along with a December 2nd release date.

[User Posted Image]

Today also marks the start of the release of three Legendary Creation Crystals, exclusively at Toys R Us of course. The first of them is the Legendary Magic Crystal which is paired with a Micro Comic called "Mirror, Mirror".

[User Posted Image]

The other two will be released on the 6th of November and the 13th of November, also exclusive to Toys R Us.

And don't forget that the first season of Skylanders Academy was just released on Netflix on Friday, so make sure to give it a watch if you can!
#1 omer1698 16:08:22 30/10/2016
yes there will be new comics smilie
#2 Wishblade 01:13:21 31/10/2016
The comic was lame, but the crystal looks cool. It was my first magic crystal. I actually didn't get too play it yet, is there a stat boost with this one?
#3 Insane01 01:55:33 01/11/2016
Think that the date's for just Canada or all of North America? I'm hoping for late November before I've got to move.
#4 Ogion Vega 18:52:06 03/11/2016
I'm actually a little disappointed with the Legendary Creation Crystal, I expected something in-game to distenquish it some how but in the end it's just a normal crystal in a different color.

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