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6:49 PM - Monday the 15th of September, 2014 - by dark52
Earlier today the official Skylanders website updated to include (almost) all of the brand new Skylanders and Villains that you'll be able to play as in Skylanders: Trap Team.

You can see all of the villain artwork in much greater detail than we've previously seen on the poster, as well as a few new trap moulds including a Snake, a Sword, and a Rocket along with several others. They also each have a short audio line as well as their theme music.

[User Posted Image]

The Skylanders each have their own full sized artwork, a small image of the toy, a few screenshots and a video along with their backstory, card stats and audio catchphrase. Amongst all of that one brand new Skylander variant has been unveiled, as seen above it's a Legendary Deja Vu. No sign of any of the mystery Skylanders just yet.

[User Posted Image]

Also announced today was a brand new game mode debuting in Trap Team called "Kaos Doom Challenge". In it you will be fighting waves and waves of enemies that Kaos is sending to attack you, you'll be able to build special defense towers that help you to keep them away from the "Mystery Box of Doom" which unleashes a gigantic villain if opened.

Quote: Kaos
A recent evil study of a thousand trolls revealed that nine out of ten agree that I am the most powerful and impressive evil doer to have ever conquered Skylands. Naturally, I had every tenth one banished to my "Kaos Doom Challenge" to test the effectiveness of my 100 waves of ultimate evil doom - and they were never heard from again. So let's just say EVERYONE agrees - I am the most powerful and impressive evil doer ever.

There are a few videos going through a few waves by The Skylander Boy And Girl and Coin-op TV that you can check out to get a better idea of exactly what this mode is going to be like.
#1 Kevin16 19:17:31 15/09/2014
Tufflucks intro looks unfinished :I
#2 GigaCamo 01:57:20 16/09/2014
This game is going to be so sweet.
#3 NINJAsk11 12:09:58 16/09/2014
Its about time they do update the site yes. And they've done it.

Kevin@: Excactly my toughts.
#4 skylanderkids 03:29:49 17/09/2014
Wow, thanks for the shout out. smilie
#5 TheShadowDragon 13:10:57 17/09/2014
If Legendary Deja Vu is coming, then does it mean the Legendary Mirror of Mystery Adventure Pack will also appear?
#6 Kevin16 14:50:56 17/09/2014
Tuff Luck is just a cat version of stealthy...
#7 ZapNorris 20:02:16 17/09/2014
scrap shooter's theme is genius...
#8 GillGrunt4Ever 21:41:02 19/09/2014
To NINJAsk11: I've been waiting for them to update the site for a long while as well.
#9 funnybone 08:35:48 28/09/2014
but is there villan gameplay?
i want to see smilie gameplay
#10 funnybone 08:40:42 28/09/2014
Can't wait untill the realse :skyspyro smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie
#11 undeadmaster 21:51:29 09/11/2014
Quote: funnybone
but is there villan gameplay?
i want to see smilie gameplay

no, sorry.

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