Spyro: Year of the Dragon


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Sunrise Spring

  1. Sunrise Spring Home
  2. Sheila's Alp
  3. Sunny Villa
  4. Cloud Spires
  5. Molten Crater
  6. Seashell Shore
  7. Mushroom Speedway
  8. Buzz's Dungeon
  9. Molten Crater (Part 2)
  10. Crawdad Farm

Midday Gardens

  1. Midday Garden Home
  2. Sgt. Byrd's Base
  3. Icy Peak
  4. Enchanted Towers
  5. Spooky Swamp
  6. Bamboo Terrace
  7. Country Speedway
  8. Spike's Arena
  9. Bamboo Terrace (Part 2)
  10. Spider Town

Evening Lake

  1. Evening Lake Home
  2. Bentley's Outpost
  3. Frozen Altars
  4. Lost Fleet
  5. Fireworks Factory
  6. Charmed Ridge
  7. Honey Speedway
  8. Scorch's Pit
  9. Starfish Reef
  10. Fireworks Factory (Part 2)
  11. Honey Speedway (Part 2)

Midnight Mountain

  1. Midnight Mountain Home
  2. Agent 9's Lab
  3. Crystal Islands
  4. Desert Ruins
  5. Haunted Tomb
  6. Dino Mines
  7. Harbor Speedway
  8. Sorceress's Lair
  9. Midnight Mountain Home - Part 2
  10. Bugbot Factory
  11. Super Bonus Round

#20 darkspyro199 15:14:12 22/04/2018
How does this page not have more comments D:

Best game and walkthrough ever! Thanks Dark52 smilie
#19 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 12:44:07 10/10/2009
smilie I wrote a bit for Agent 9 not too long ago but I forgot to upload it, thanks for reminding me.
#18 Crashfan25 12:15:42 10/10/2009
Err, dark52, how about adding Agent 9's controls?

X Jump
Square Throw grenade
Circle Shoot
Triangle Sniper mode
R1/L1 Strafing/Bring the camera behind Agent 9 fast
R2/L2 Turn the camera
R1+R2+L1+L2 Sparx points at nearest gem (only available when you've earned it)
#17 spyro rules1 02:08:54 22/11/2008
This game won't work for me!
#16 Spyro 101 01:57:30 21/08/2008
Thanks for reminding us that they forgot Agent 9, SD-King. I bet you hate people when they're stupid as much as I do.
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