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#45 Queen_Cynder 04:41:26 04/11/2014
Images 4-6 of the artwork here are proof that Enter the Dragonfly basically took all of its ideas from this game (Honey Speedway = Honey Marsh, Bamboo Terrace = Dragonfly Dojo, Cloud Spires = Cloud 9)
#44 Brokensoul 01:47:42 18/12/2011
Image 2 of 5 -

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! NOT A BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#43 SpyroCrazy 19:18:34 27/09/2009
Image 1 of 5

smilie What is this mysterious thing I find...
#42 American Spyro 22:25:54 14/10/2008
my 2nd fav game cuz of dotd.
#41 Blaine 14:17:53 20/09/2008
Wow You Know This Great Big Opinionation Started On Me Saying

Spyro Meets Org XIII
#40 Blaine 20:01:27 09/09/2008
Along With The Games And You SD King My Friend Tell Your Mum You're Getting One And NEVE Tak No For An Answer
#39 Skyqueen 06:13:07 07/09/2008
good for u! there awesome! smilie
#38 SD-King 22:32:09 16/08/2008
I'm getting a PS2 for christmas!
#37 Blaine 21:01:33 11/08/2008
Well That Wraps Everything This Comment Coundrum Wrapped Up One Thing...

Mums Never Give Any New Stuff
#36 SD-King 23:14:33 09/08/2008
Sorry,away again.No i don't have a Wii.
#35 Blaine 19:09:56 06/08/2008
OK Your Away Again And When Your Back, pLEASE TELL ME!!!
#34 Blaine 15:25:06 04/08/2008
So Do You Have A Wii Or Not?
#33 SD-King 03:51:55 04/08/2008
Sorry,I was away at the time.
#32 Blaine 13:28:48 02/08/2008
.................Ok Suppose Not
#31 Blaine 12:26:14 28/07/2008
How About A Wii?
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