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Cheat Codes

All of the cheats for Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, just pause the game and enter it there.

Dark Blue Sparx

Up Left Down Right Up Square R1 R2 L1 L2 Up Right Down Left Up Cross

Turns Sparx a dark blue colour, if you get hurt he will stay the same colour but you will still die in the same number of hits.

#30 Snakecharmer95 03:03:20 05/09/2011
i think i accidently out this code in one time without realizing it. i saw sparx was dark bule and i went to get a butterfly and he was still blue.
#29 Spyro1234 02:14:04 21/06/2011
this is a cheat if you want to make the game alot harder not knowing how many hits you have untill you die.
#28 spyro crash 11:39:09 05/04/2011
i think thats pretty cool
#27 Awesome Sparx 11:17:35 01/02/2011
Looks like it. smilie smilie
#26 daimondcynder21 03:09:48 15/12/2010
are there cheats to change his colour on this one?
#25 Thunderdragon14 01:53:51 21/08/2010
sry in my last comment i was not thinking heres the REAL cheat:
up left down right up Y (if Y dont work try X)
R R L L up right down left up A
i think thats how it goes.
#24 Thunderdragon14 01:47:32 21/08/2010
heres the GC version of this glitch:
start up left down right up R R L L
up right down left up X (if X dont work then try Y)
#23 no wings5 20:18:37 02/07/2010
not sure how it helps, but is cool anyway
#22 SuperSpyroFan 16:12:17 02/05/2010
I think this cheat is to make Sparx look like Spyro. (Colour-wise I mean) "Sorry for double-posting"
#21 SuperSpyroFan 16:11:29 02/05/2010
I think this cheat is just to make Sparx look like Spyro.
#20 Ice Dragoness 10:00:46 19/09/2009
That game cube cheat didnt work.
#19 SpyroLuvr1309 04:26:20 19/06/2009
Y don't you put a 99 lives cheat on here? i think that's wat we all need.
#18 supermalefor 05:09:17 16/01/2009
#17 American Spyro 23:00:35 17/12/2008
I tried the cheat. i died and sparx was still there.
#16 Glen 22:37:50 21/11/2008
Can you let me know if the Gamecube cheat Worked?
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