Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

Developed by previously unknown (and since) companies Equinoxe/Check Six, this game, it's safe to say, was rubbish. Easily the worst Spyro game ever created. Though I might as well have this section despite that.

Spyro: Enter the DragonflySpyro: Enter the Dragonfly Spyro: Enter the DragonflySpyro: Enter the Dragonfly
North America Nov 5th 2002 European Union Nov 29th 2002
System Developer Age Rating
PlayStation 2
Nintendo GameCube
Equinoxe / Check Six 3+ E - Everyone

There's very little to the story of this game. Basically they're still celebrating the Year of the Dragon festival, but now it's time to give the baby dragons their dragonflies. However Ripto shows up, mucks up a spell and loses all of the dragonflies all over the realm. Even Sparx. It's up to Spyro to save the day again.

#1935 spyromaster45 04:16:47 03/07/2014
I love this game so much
#1934 skylandersspyro 04:39:20 21/06/2014
I got this Game for 5 Bucks and it is Kind of Underrated.. but its Glitches are bad.
#1933 Ninjastar137xx 07:08:12 13/06/2014
Just bought this game for $9! so cheap! May not be the best spyro game (thats being nice) out there but its still a spyro game with a couple of really good points. Reliving childhood memories. Would love to see this remade properly with the 120 dragonflies and 25 levels it was meant to have smilie
#1932 Spyro_Glitcher 23:14:48 07/06/2014
Insomdog, this game was only given 5 months of dev time.
#1931 InsomDog 21:32:55 07/06/2014
I wonder when production started for this game. Same year of release perhaps?
#1930 sapphix 16:29:52 03/06/2014
Why did universal or whoever it was make them rush this game it had so much potential, personally i liked it, but i wish someone would remake it with the original idea of Gnasty and Ripto teaming up
#1929 Ruler of all 16:04:45 01/06/2014
There is a reason why this game is so messed up. The developers wanted this game in time for Christmas, but they soon ran out of time and rushed the game, making it so glitchy and bad so they put this game in time for Christmas without being finished. smiliesmiliesmilie
#1928 spyrothe111 04:15:06 31/05/2014
I once tried the swimming glitch to get to the final boss and defeated Ripto at 0%. smilie
#1927 shadowstarcat 06:38:44 29/05/2014
On one of my game files, the whole thing was in slow motion!
#1926 Hawaii Five o 02:51:07 11/05/2014
Well you see, I didn't quite like this one too much, but it was pretty fun, although I didn't make it too far out if not finding enough dragonflies and all.
But this game was OK.
#1925 SuperSpyroFan 08:17:53 04/05/2014
Are you being sarcastic?
#1924 Pixilism 06:07:09 25/04/2014
I think this is one of the best games made for any console, period. There are no better, and I think all you critics need to open your eyes and embrace a masterpiece such as this.
#1923 SuperSpyroFan 20:38:06 23/04/2014
That's exactly what I think.
#1922 Sparxspade 14:02:41 22/04/2014
I think some of the glitches make it harder actually, but I agree it's a great game.
#1921 SuperSpyroFan 11:59:21 13/04/2014
It's a good game ****ed up.
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