Pirate Seas

Windjammer Bay

Pirate Hat Pirate Hat Scroll Terrafin
  • Radiance Crystal Blast Dynamite - 10
  • Radiance Crystal Gather Radiance - 100
  • Radiance Crystal Lead Mutiny - 4
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenges - Earth / Tech
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

The barrel on the floor in front of you is the first of the Dynamites you need to Blast. Stand near to it or attack it from a distance to set it off. Throughout this section of the level you'll be hounded by a targeting icon, as long as you don't stand still for too long you should be fine. The nearby Seadog Pirate will attack, move out of the way of his sword as he doesn't get interrupted once he starts attacking. Go up the slope, detonate another Dynamite barrel and attack the Seadog Skipper, the one with the hand cannon.

Jump over the gap at the top of the slope and walk down to a pair of Seadog Pirates who are standing next to a Dynamite barrel. After killing them jump over the water to the north-west up to a higher island with a couple of Seadog Skippers and an Ice Ogre. The Ice Ogre is your first entry to the Lead Mutiny challenge. If you ignore the jump pad for the moment and instead walk south-west over a grassy bridge you'll find a few more enemies and a few more Dynamite barrels to blow up. There's one more further along if you go right down to the water level and continue going south.

Return to the jump pad in the north and step on, you'll land right next to a Dynamite barrel so move as soon as you can. Kill the three enemies and follow the path onwards behind them, there's another barrel of Dynamite and a couple of Chompies. Cross over the gap beyond to get to a grouping of several Seadog Skippers and a Chest. Jump up over the blue rock bit and you'll reach the Earth Challenge. The challenge is made up of several leaning masts, you don't fall off them so just walk around so that they tilt in the direction you want to jump. The Present at the end is Scroll Terrafin's Scroll.

Follow the path north, it may look like there's two choices but they both immediately join back up again. Detonate the Dynamite barrel to hopefully finish off the challenge, there are still a few spares if you missed a few. At the end jump up the floating platforms, jumping straight on from the first is probably preferable as you get to a Chest. Jump up onto the grassy section above and follow the path left past a couple of Seadogs around the corner to two Ice Ogres (or Rear Admirals as the popup calls them) and a couple of Seadog Skippers. There are several Dynamite barrels here if you missed them earlier.

Smash through the fence to the north and kill the enemies at the fork in the road. Once again it's a false choice, take the left one if you want to go the to Tech Challenge, the right one skips it by a tiny little bit. The Tech Challenge is entirely leaning masts, make your way to the end to collect the Pirate Hat Pirate Hat. Once out walk forwards until you get to the wooden pier, then left onto them and down a couple of leaning masts. On the island down there is a load of small enemies and the third chest of the level (not that you're looking for them). Follow the platforms north from the north-west end to another small bit of pier and dry land.

Kill the enemies on the side and then jump up, go left, then off the side of the road and up to another Seadog Skipper and your final Ice Ogre Real Admiral to complete the Lead Mutiny Challenge. Follow the path north past a curve with three Seadog Skippers standing on and up to the end of the level.

Pontoon Point

Pirate Doo Rag Pirate Doo Rag
  • Radiance Crystal Radiance Challenge
  • Radiance Crystal Avoid the Water
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Eat Food
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Match - Earth
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

Pontoon Point is an arena level just like Faylair Jungle's Breakmarsh, you need to watch that you're not about to jump onto a platform you left recently so as to avoid falling in the water. In round two the arena will start rotating and a targeting icon will appear. And round three will cause the platforms to spread out.

Around about the middle of rount two is when the Pirate Doo Rag Pirate Doo Rag will turn up.

Empire of Ice

Winterwatch Keep

Santa Hat Santa Hat Scroll Slam Bam
  • Radiance Crystal Smash Orange Crystals - 8
  • Radiance Crystal Beat Beasts - 3
  • Radiance Crystal Catch Jackalopes - 5
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenges - Water / Air
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

I'm not entirely sure how this level overall really relates to an icy theme, but whatever. Walk forwards through a couple of spike gates to a circular area with a couple of Chompies and a Cyclops Chopper. After you've killed them smash through the large blue crystals on the left, behind them is a set of six square platforms that flip over, one side is flat the other spiked. Don't be too concerned with the spikes, the damage they do is low so it's not really worth waiting for the absolutely perfect alignment to cross over.

On the other side is a Cyclops Chucker and your first Orange Crystal of the level. This time around there are no extra crystals so make sure to get every single one. Jump onto the oversized spinning gear platform to your left and grab the floating Jackalope that's on the right side of it. Walk through the rolling gear as it goes past, and again through the next. After a spike gate is another set of flipping platforms, again ignore the damage done and just jump on the spikes.

Slip over the ice patch through a couple of spike gates to a pair of Cyclops Choppers, behind them a pair of blue crystals to smash through. Kill the Chucker in front of the rolling gears and then start jumping past them, on the right side after the second one is the second of the Jackalopes. After killing a few enemies jump onto one of the circular platforms and then onto a flipping platform in the middle with the third Jackalope on it. Jump up to the Chucker and the Water Challenge. This has several flipping platforms, spinning gears and blades. At the end is Scroll Slam Bam's Scroll.

Slide down the icy path through a few spike gates and then past a pair of rolling gears, kill the Cyclops Mammoth for the Beat Beasts challenge. After getting the contents of the Chest, smash through the blue crystals to reach a large hole. Before jumping down it go around the other side and smash the Orange Crystal there. Now comes a tricky part, there are four Orange Crystals down this hole and you need to get all of them. Generally just keep to the bottom left and left positions and you should be able to move into position to smash them in time. If you compare it with a clockface the first is at 10, second at 8, then 7 then finally at about 7 again.

The circular platforms next up go around two square flipping platforms, on the second of those is your fourth Jackalope. Jump over to kill the Chucker and the Mammoth, then smash the Chest and the Orange Crystal. Smash through the blue ones and jump onto a spinning gear, on the left side is the final Jackalope. Go right onto a second gear and off to a rolling one. Jump through that down onto another spinning gear from which you will need to jump onto a couple of square flipping platforms.

The next bit of solid land has the final Orange Crystal on it, smash that then leap down the slippery slope past some spike gates and straight onto square platforms. The final 'Beast' is next up, kill him and smash the Chest next to him. Go through the blue crystals and then past the rolling gears, the ice'll make it more tricky than usual. After the ice you'll find the Air Challenge on the right. A not too long slide down past a load of spike gates will take you to your new Santa Hat Santa Hat.

Jump up the square platforms and then through a set of four rolling gears directly onto some circular platforms. From there it's a simple jump to the exit.


Cossack Hat Cossack Hat
  • Radiance Crystal Radiance Challenge
  • Radiance Crystal Avoid the Slicers
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Eat Food
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Match - Water
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

A level with a fairly annoying obstacle. During the first round you just need to avoid the large rotating blade in the centre of the arena, the ice will make it harder than it looks. In round two they up the stakes by starting up the side blades that rotate over the areas where there's no ice. And in the third round there are spike gates that exist only to slow you down.

Late on in the third round is when the Cossack Hat Cossack Hat will appear.

There are a few safe spots that you can stand, on the corners of the dry areas you'll be safe from both types of blade and you won't be slipping off all the time. It does mean waiting for things to get near you so you'll probably be forced to leave your safe spots every so often to kill the lone Cyclops Chucker that's holding up the next wave. In the final round when the timer's going you'll want to grab the clocks if you're doing the stick in the corners tactic, Chests are a great but dangerous resource if you're not grabbing every radiance that drops from enemies. Make sure to time your attacks on the chests so that you're not going to get stuck in the attack animation the next time the blade comes round. It can get frustrating but don't give up.

Don't Eat Food can be made easier by smashing all the barrels at the start, then just try not to accidentally jump into any floating food and you'll do fine.

Darklight Crypt


Pumpkin Hat Pumpkin Hat Scroll Ghost Roaster
  • Radiance Crystal Smash Some Skulls - 10
  • Radiance Crystal Hunt Haunted Guards - 10
  • Radiance Crystal Gather Radiance - 80
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenges - Undead / Magic
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

Head inside and jump down the hole. There's a large swinging axe ahead, jump past it and over the gap. After that you'll encounter a few little spiders and the first of the ten Haunted Guards. Jump past another swinging axe and proceed to the end of the corridor, on the floor at the end is the first Skull that you need to collect. You just walk over it to pick it up rather than having to attack it like the challenge would suggest.

Cross the three spiked flipping platforms and you'll meet a pair of Guards to kill, there's also a couple of archers nearby that might cause a nuisance. Up on the right is a chest for your radiance gathering, otherwise jump forwards over the gaps and up the slope. Try to stay out of the way of the rolling balls, at the top you'll find an archer and a Stump Demon. To the left is a single skull on the floor, and to the right are two skulls on the floor. Smash through the coffins to continue.

Jump onto the first rotating wheel then to a second and then a third, on that third you will want to jump off to the left to reach the Undead Challenge. You'll probably find this easier if you ignore the damage done by the spikes and just use them as normal platforms. Reward for the pain is a Pumpkin Hat Pumpkin Hat. Once out jump back onto the third wheel and jump off it northwards onto some spiked platforms. Kill the Stump Demon and the archers before grabbing the skull from the floor and moving on.

The next set of spiked platforms has a rolling platform inbetween, just walk in the opposite direction if it starts moving. Kill the next Guard and jump down the next hole, try and grab the skull in the top right corner as you do so. After the fall it's a distinctly 3D walk through some swinging axes, then there's a skull on the floor before a set of three spiked platforms. Kill the next guard and the little spiders next to him, head up the slope to the Magic Challenge - there's a couple of skulls on the floor outside it. Again it's simple platforming to get your Scroll for Scroll Ghost Roaster.

There's another Guard at the top of the slope, once he's dead start jumping the large distances between the platforms and axes until you get to a ball rolling slope. Kill the Haunted Guard halfway up it and smash the Chest he's standing next to. At the top is a pair of Guards that should bring you up to 9. Kill the archer behind them and cross the platforms to reach the last of the Guards. There's a bit of a split in the track now, to the right is nothing of interest so take the platform path on the left. You'll find two more skulls (in case you missed the one on the hole) on the platforms before it rejoins the righthand path in reaching the exit.

The Spectery

Chef Hat Chef Hat
  • Radiance Crystal Radiance Challenge
  • Radiance Crystal Avoid the Ooze
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Eat Food
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Match - Undead
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

The Spectery is a blatant copy of Rivenrock Cavern's Magma Bank Island. The arena will slowly fill with purple stuff except if a few key points, stick to those when it starts to rise to avoid damage.

During the final round you'll see the Chef Hat Chef Hat quite late on.

To Avoid the Ooze just get to know which spots are safe and which aren't, then stick to the safe spots when you see the ooze start to rise.

Dragon's Peak

The Wingwarrens

Royal Crown Royal Crown Scroll Sunburn
  • Radiance Crystal Save Dragon Eggs - 4
  • Radiance Crystal Defeat Dragon Hunters - 12
  • Radiance Crystal Take Trophies - 5
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenge - Fire / Tech
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

On the ledge to your left, the one with a sheep on, is a small, floating purple Dragon Egg. Saving it is not quite as simple as just picking it up though, once you pick it up you have a limited time to reach a nearby nest. If you run out of time you are teleported back to where you found the egg so that's nice. The nest for this egg is in the large area ahead of you, over by the columns. Ignore the enemies while you've got an egg otherwise you'll just waste time.

After saving it try killing the enemies, the purple blast from the purple Chompy Pod looking plant shrinks you and causes you to be unable to use any attacking abilities (except if your run has damage associated with it) so try to avoid getting hit by that. The Drow Witch standing on the stone section is your first of the Dragon Hunters, this one's as simple as killing it. Follow the path along beyond her, past a Spearman and then to a second Hunter standing in the middle of a large blue rotating circle. Up the steps now, Hunter number three is at the top.

Jump onto the first of the moving platforms and onto the next one in the sequence keeping away from the wall. Clear the next platform of the Chompies and the Pods before smashing through a large rock blocking your path. If you continue straight from the cracked platform you'll reach a Fire Challenge. I'll ignore the Hunters inside here for the count but if you kill them you'll be finished long before you really should and may struggle to reach the end in time trying to do everything in one go. The challenge itself is pure platforming, nothing special but the reward is the Royal Crown Royal Crown hat.

Go up the steps, at the top is a dragon head that spews out a stream of damage inducing steam. Keep out of it, it'll turn off after a short moment. Jump onto a rotating platform sticking out of a rock to reach a platform with a waterfall running off to the right, if you look to the right you'll see another rotating platform that you can jump to. Go right over it to reach a Treasure Chest and the first of the Trophies. Go back over the rotating platform to the waterfall and jump up to the left where there's a Bully and your second Trophy.

Smash through the rocks and make your way up the cracked platforms to Hunter four. To the right, next to the tree, is the second Dragon Egg. Pick it up and then jump up to the next platform, the nest is over to the left near the blocked up Bounce Pad. Open up the Treasure Chest on here if you like, otherwise smash the rocks off the Bounce Pad and jump away to the next part.

Hunter Five is up to the left, six is over to the right, and seven is a little further ahead. After that jump onto a cracked platform, to a second one and then up onto a moving platform. This will move under a cracked platform that you need to jump on, keep on up the cracked platforms going left (ignore the first large bit of land with the waterfall) and you'll find the third Trophy on a small outcrop. From there jump to the main platform with a couple of Pods and a Dragon Egg between them. Jump up the platforms and go straight on along the cracked platforms (further up just leads to a pointless Treasure Chest) to a short bit of stone bridge with a couple of dragon heads and Chompies on, rush past them to the next green platform where you'll find the nest.

Up to the right of the stone section is the fourth Trophy, after you've picked that up go along the stone path, kill the eighth Hunter and jump to the ninth and tenth on some green. Smash through the rock wall to reach a set of moving platforms, jump onto them and then up onto a cracked platform before leaping to the last two Hunters you should need. Use the Bounce Pad to reach a platform with a circular structure on the right and a Dragon Egg on the left. Pick it up and race forwards along the cracked platforms, past a spare Witch and onto some moving platforms, keep jumping onto the next in the sequence until you reach the next green platform with the final Dragon Nest on it.

Wipe out the enemies and jump forward up the cracked platforms to a bit of stone path. On the right is the Tech Challenge. Just like the Fire one this is just platforming almost identical to the main level. Your reward for reaching the end of it is Scroll Sunburn's Damage Scroll.

Left up the steps, past another Hunter and then onto some rather slow moving platforms. Jump up to the left onto the next ones and then off onto a rotating platform with the fifth and final Trophy floating above it. Jump to the left onto another moving platform, sit on it ignoring the rotating platform to the left, then jump up onto the final green section. Kill the enemies and then jump up the cracked platforms to reach the last fight of the level. This is a sort of boss fight against Vathek, to damage him simply attack the things that drift by in the water and so long as he isn't protecting himself with his wings it'll hurt him. Keep doing this until he dies and the portal back to the Sactuary appears.

The Pit

Winged Hat Winged Hat
  • Radiance Crystal Radiance Challenge
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Collect Clocks
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Eat Food
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Match - Fire
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

Another Radiance Fountain arena, the edges lined with those fire breathing dragon heads you saw in the Wingwarrens level. As usual just keep the fountain active and kill things as fast as you can.

The Winged Hat Winged Hat is found during the second round, it'll appear on the left side when you get 60 radiance.

The other challenges are basic, the food is generally out of the way and should be easy to avoid and the clocks are rare as always.

#23 mark879 08:44:05 24/11/2013
I like Sunburn a lot as well actually. It's a shame he only has one figure. I would have him already if I could only find him...
My favourite adventure pack is probably Dragon's Peak, though I haven't got any adventure pack.

Also, apparently there are new adventure pack chapters with Skylanders: Swap Force (Tower of Time and Sheep Wreck Islands)

I'm guessing they're going to be completely different from these adventure packs...
#22 skylandersbros 21:55:35 22/01/2013
I can't find the legandary treasure i dragons peak any where!
#21 tophatpro864 23:39:21 13/01/2013
these also work for Giants! pretty sweet, right?
smilie smilie
#20 spyroflame0487 22:40:50 02/06/2012
You can also attack Vathek if you have a character that shoots things (ie, Trigger Happy).

I honestly didn't realize you were supposed to blow up those things that came down the falls, so I just shot like crazy at him!
#19 epiccamoshell 23:28:06 29/05/2012
No dragons peak.
I just need the pirate seas
#18 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 18:15:46 26/05/2012
Those are hubs, each one of them has 5 levels in it. That's 25 main game levels and 8 adventure pack levels.
#17 epiccamoshell 15:23:46 26/05/2012
the 3ds version only has 5 levels...FAIL!!!
#16 camoisbeast 00:36:05 20/05/2012
well... i got the game, and then a few days before my bday i got an advertisement from toys r us that said dragons peak was there. my mom called them, told me they were in stock, and then i bought it.
#15 Noah 07:36:59 09/05/2012
lies! (unless u just got the game) My first was smilie
I don't have dragon's peak.
#14 camoisbeast 23:52:44 03/05/2012
My first adventure pack was Dragon's Peak- Sunburn was also my first non- starter Skylander smilie
#13 flame44836 04:42:38 21/04/2012
I got terrafin, stupid target charges $30 for it smilie
#12 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 16:02:23 20/04/2012
This page is the 3DS walkthrough for the Adventure Packs, you're looking for the console version by the sounds of it.
#11 GIMME 12:14:21 20/04/2012
nevermind, it's just not in this walkthrough
#10 GIMME 12:09:36 20/04/2012
THANKS smilie I now know what to do in Darklight crypt.........I watched a walkthrough and it had a fire element gate though..............eh, I'm guessing it was because they had it for the PC
#9 AJAwesome 00:28:36 31/03/2012
My dragons peak just came in the mail and I also noticed this is for 3ds not console oops but I do have a 3ds...
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